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How To Use An Oxygen Concentrator The Right Way

First of all, you should keep your oxygen concentrator in a clean, uncluttered area. This will reduce the risk of overheating and breaking. Also, do not block its vents, which will make it harder for it to perform its function. If you do hear a beeping sound from your concentrator, this means that something is wrong. If you need to buy the oxygen concentrator right away, be sure to know the oxygen concentrator price in Dubai.

Avoid flammable products:

As you use an oxygen concentrator, you should be careful to avoid anything that may catch fire or become flammable. You should keep gasoline and lighter fluid away from the oxygen concentrator and never let children play with toys that have sparked. Also, avoid using aerosol products such as deodorant or lotion. Petroleum-based products are especially flammable, so make sure you stay away from them. Make sure you store empty oxygen tanks in a safe place.

Avoid static electricity:

There are a few things you should avoid while using your oxygen concentrator to avoid static electricity. When transporting oxygen cylinders, keep them away from any open source of heat, such as heaters or space heaters. When storing oxygen tanks, place them on a stand. Also, stay away from electrical equipment or petroleum-based products while oxygen is flowing. You should never use oxygen while lying down on a couch or bed, which can generate static electricity.

Avoid heat:

In addition to avoiding extreme temperatures, oxygen tanks must be stored away from heat and pets. While oxygen itself is not a fire starter, its presence can stoke a fire. Moreover, any object exposed to increased oxygen levels can easily catch fire. Thus, when using your oxygen concentrator, be sure to keep it at least 10 feet away from heat sources, such as flames, electrical appliances, or dangerous materials.

Avoid sparks:

If you use an oxygen concentrator to help you breathe easier, you should keep some basic precautions in mind. Room air contains 21 percent oxygen, but oxygen from a concentrator can contain as much as 100 percent oxygen. While oxygen is not a fire starter, it does provide the fuel that flames need to grow. When oxygen is present, anything that has been exposed to a high level of oxygen is more likely to catch fire. Any source of heat can cause a fire if it is exposed to an increased level of oxygen. Always keep at least 10 feet away from any heater, electrical device, or source of heat.

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