How to Automatically Delete Trash in Gmail

Unwanted messages can fill up the inbox of your Gmail account. Allowing these emails to increase so fast will make your Gmail storage full. Once you have removed these emails, Gmail automatically deletes them permanently after a few days. Here’s how to automatically delete the trash in Gmail.

Here’s how to automatically delete the trash in Gmail through a smartphone

•    Open the Gmail application from the iPhone or Android device.

•    Press on the Menu symbol which resembles three vertical lines to get a list of all the folders.

•    Press on the Trash file to open it.

•    In case you want to delete any particular message, then click on the Trash symbol round shape icon given at the left-hand side of each message.

•    After selecting it, you will notice that there is a tick symbol on the front of it.

•    Click on the Trash symbol after placing a tick symbol on the front of every message. It is located on the upper left-hand side of the display.

•    Press on the Empty Trash now or Empty Spam Now option is given at the upper side of the display to finish the deleting process of the trash in Gmail.

•    Click on the OK button when you get the verification window on display.

Follow the steps mentioned below, who opens the Gmail website through IMAP on their iPhone or Android:

•    Go to the Mail application located on the iPhone or Android.

•    Open the Gmail account.

•    Some of the emails will be separated by email ID.

•    The other emails contain all the emails in one folder.

•    Make sure that you have to select only that mail which you wish to remove from your Gmail account.

•    Find the menu list of the Gmail file.

•    Press on the Trash or Junk option for opening the Gmail file.

•    This procedure will put all the emails in a particular folder.

Steps to automatically delete the trash in Gmail using the internet browser

•    Sign in to the Gmail account by entering email address and password.

•    Press on the More option located in the left-hand side textbox.

•    It will open the drop-down menu of all the other Gmail folders, which includes the mails.

•    Go down till you will get the Trash folder and after that, press on it.

In that window, you can automatically delete the trash in Gmail.

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete this procedure:

•    For a particular mail, you need to left-click on the checkbox given to the left-hand side of the mail. It will automatically put the tick symbol on the box when you have completed this procedure.

•    Press on the Delete forever URL  which is showing on display.

•    To delete fifty emails at once, you need to left-click on the blank area located at the upper left-hand side of the Trash screen.

•    You will also get the “All 50 conversations on this page are selected option.

•    Press on the Delete forever URL which is showing on the screen.

•    To finish automatically delete trash Gmail procedure, press on the link Empty Trash now.

•    You will get a pop-up menu indicating to verify to remove all the emails permanently.

•    Press on the OK button.

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