How to Activate Lockdown Mode on Android Pie Phones

Android Pie has too many beneficial features. One of those features is known as Lockdown mode, which takes the Android device’s security to the next level.

Pie has got too many upgrades when compared to other upgrades of Android. Due to this, the Lockdown feature has failed to stand out in the new update. Let’s see what things make it a unique feature.

Pros of Android Pie Lockdown feature

If you are conscious about privacy, then this feature is not less than a lifesaver for users like you. Privacy problems are getting even worse day by day. Cyber criminals are sneaking into people’s phones and tablets to steal their data. They use your facial and voice recognition to steal private information. They can also get access to your fingerprints, and once they do it, then it’s game over.

But Lockdown feature turns off all these recognition programs and algorithms. It makes it impossible for someone to access your smartphone remotely. By using this feature, you can also make yourself safe from online banking risks. Here’s how to enable Lockdown on Android feature:

  1. Go to the Settings on your Android Pie enabled device.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Lock Screen’ feature.
  3. Choose the “Secure lock settings” options on your device.
  4. After that, tap the ‘Show Lockdown option’ toggle switch.
  5. Now you need to long-press the power key of your device until you see various options over the display.
  6. Select the Lockdown mode.

Now you have successfully activated the Lockdown feature on your device. From now on, if someone tries to sneak into your privacy, then it will block their access by a Pin or Password.

Keep in mind once the option activates you will have to provide Pin or Passcode to use your fingerprint sensor and doing that will automatically disable the feature.  

To re-enable it long-press the Power key for a while and then select the lockdown feature again.

The Android Pie feature is the first Android OS, which can prevent apps from accessing your microphone, camera, and sensors on the background. Even if you have provided all permissions to your apps, the app developers can’t access your mic, camera and other things of your phone. This makes Android Pie one of the most secure Operating Systems of all time. If you have Android 8 Oreo installed on your Mobile, then you can easily upgrade to the Pie. To upgrade your smartphone to the Android Pie, go to settings and then navigate to the System updates.

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