Disney Counts X Men: Dark Phoenix as the Direct Cause of Its Huge Third Quarter Loss

X Men: Dark Phoenix is being considered the direct cause for Disney’s substantial third-quarter loss. The recently released flick did not leave an excellent mark on the box office as it only managed to rack up 252 million dollars globally. These numbers do seem ordinary when compared to its 200 million dollars production cost.

The movie is based on a comic book, The Dark Phoenix, created by Chris Claremont. This film was Fox’s second attempt at the same storyline after their first crack X-Men: The Last Stand failed to intrigue the viewers. The movie had to face a number of release delays and also extended reshoots, reportedly having to reshoot 1/3rd of the movie as it was deemed too similar to another superhero movie. This was not the first time the movie had to face such a problem, as the movie was initially written as a two-parter. Fox requested the movie to be turned into only one single installment to which Kinberg agreed.

The Disney CEO Bob Iger partly blamed Dark Phoenix for the third quarter loss that Disney has incurred. It was revealed during Disney’s earnings call that the loss incurred has amounted to 170 million dollars in the operating costs of the company. Several movies were confirmed too like Ford vs. Ferrari, an Avatar sequel, and Planet of the Apes installments.

Movies like “Stuber” and “The Kid Who Would Be King” did not perform decently on the box office, but Dark Phoenix being a part of an established superhero franchise was expected to perform better than it did. Disney promoted the movie as much it promoted the Avengers: Endgame but the movie still did not perform up to the mark.

However, if we look at the whole situation objectively, then Disney is to blame too. Dark Phoenix was caught amongst the Disney and Fox deals which affected the filming immensely. Fox marketing official crew expressed their frustration saying that the ongoing deal hindered the marketing campaign for Dark Phoenix.

It can be argued by many that the movie itself was not half bad, certainly not as bad as the X Men Apocalypse. However, one thing can be agreed upon by everyone that the film is not the fitting sendoff for the movie franchise, certainly not for the diehard fans of the franchise.

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